RIP Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse by FAKE

Eerie photo of Amy Winehouse created by Dutch street artist FAKE.

10 thoughts on “RIP Amy Winehouse”

  1. Skull are part our bodies, and death is part of our mortality , for me is a very nice tribute, the artist isnt disrespecting, be opne minded people and see the art in its way

  2. I think its a clever way to show tribute to her…tho I’m not a fan of her, the creator of this piece is a fan and Its def not a way to make money because its not for sale or whatever.

  3. And how quickly they line up to make money off death yet again. This is hardly art. It’s an opportunist at their worst.

  4. It’s a provocative image that’s been executed very well and does not in any way belittle the work that Amy produced throughout her career. That an image of death, the skull, is now being associated with her is nothing short of factual. The interesting thing is the emotions people associate with images of death. In this case, Sue, you automatically jumped to an emotion of outrage and disgust, but why? Is it the skull? The fact that she is dead? What part of the image did you find particularly insulting?

  5. I don’t think it’s awful. If anything it clearly elicits a reaction and is controversial, which in itself is a fitting tribute to Amy.

  6. I think its cool. I spoke to fake via flickr. Said it was a lil photoshop and a instagram filter. Pretty cool

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