So, I realize that this was posted last year and I’m only now seeing it and it’s not totally art related, but I have to say, HOLY ORGAN PRINTING BATMAN, this is totally fascinating! Of course, I’m seeing this only weeks after seeing the film Never Let Me Go (it’s a good one, heavy stuff), and I have to say, after seeing this amazing Ted Talk, it doesn’t seem like we are that far off from having some real working solutions to organ growing (printing!?) and replacement. The organ printer is by far the most bizarre and amazing thing Atala talks about, and when you say it out loud it sounds impossible and fantastical, but it’s well underway. Who knows, if I’m lucky I’ll see the working solution realized in my lifetime (just in time to need one such organ?). This is definitely something I would love to keep an eye on and read more about, hurray for science and technology!!!!