Revisiting the Explosive Hand

Hand trauma by Surfacant via Flickr

Hand trauma, by Surfactant via Flickr.

Re-posting this classic x-ray from the archives of Street Anatomy for this 4th of July.

“Young male was holding a homemade explosive device. The fuse of the device was lit, and the patient was unable to throw it away before it detonated.”

Powerful image.


6 thoughts on “Revisiting the Explosive Hand”

  1. I didn’t mind seeing it again since it has been a while. Although Shane does have a point I doubt the guy to whom this happened would be happy to share his story, let alone admit to it publicly. I could be wrong.

  2. Just because you’ve had the pleasure of seeing it many times doesn’t mean the whole world has had the same opportunity. It’s “revisiting” the post from back in 2007 and it’ll always be a powerful image regardless of how many times you’ve seen it.

  3. “Revisiting”? That would imply going back to find out what happened to the guy or an interview or at least *something* more than just posting a picture that everyone in the whole world has seen more times than they can count.

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