Panda Bear’s Skeletal Surfer’s Hymn

This music video by m ss ng p eces for the band Panda Bear is amazing. I LOVE the old black and white film feel, nice and grainy. The hand painted skeleton costumes have great texture and whatever they did, black light or just extreme color correction, to get the bones to glow looks awesome. This video is a tribute to surfers who have been taken by the sea, which only makes the video that much more nostalgic feeling and beautiful. Major props! Be sure to watch it all the way through, I assure you it’s worth it.

2 thoughts on “Panda Bear’s Skeletal Surfer’s Hymn”

  1. awesome! i totally emailed this to myself to post here!
    it really is a great video. it has an almost campy aura about it, but its done beautifully and is really fitting for the sound and imagery.

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