June 2011


These clever advertisements were created by Y&R for Penguin audio books. [via AdsOfTheWorld]  


Is it wrong to say this made my morning? I laughed out loud, it reminds me of Forehead Tittaes, real mature. Can’t say I’m an iPhone user myself, but I can’t imagine this fits well in your back pocket. But… Read More »iBoobies

Vanitas Remix

Julie N Hascoet Vanitas II

A talented young French photographer, Julie N. Hascoët’s still life’s of death symbols, or vanitas, mix in prosthesis and wigs that seem to create tension between the organic and synthetic.  It reminds you that many of the things humans use… Read More »Vanitas Remix


I stumbled upon these gems on tumblr. I don’t know much about the artist, MizEnScen, but I do know that you can purchase the ribcage print from Society6 (16 – 26 bones depending on the size).  

Project RED

Project RED by Marijana Gligic and Milica Shishalica

Photography: Marijana Gligic Hair: Milica Shishalica That’s one of the coolest haircuts I’ve ever seen.  Love the red, love the anatomy, love the model. Project RED is the brainchild of photographer/designer, Marijana Gligic and hairstylist, Milica Shishalica who founded CUT… Read More »Project RED

Let’s Hug!

Lim Heng Swee, Malaysian illustrator and visual artist has devoted his work to putting a smile on your face. These doodle a day projects definitely did the trick for me! Thanks Lim!