Blissfully Departed Screen Print

Blissfully Departed print by Ryan Gerdes

Blissfully Departed print by Ryan Gerdes

Blissfully Departed by Ryan Gerdes detail

Playfulness balances with memento mori in this blindingly bright orange screen print designed exclusively for Street Anatomy by designer and screen printer, Ryan Gerdes.

  • 12″x18″ plastisol screen print, 2011
  • Printed on plate surface bristol sheet
  • Limited edition of 25 prints, numbered and signed by artist

A graduate of Linfield College in art and visual culture, Ryan Gerdes is a successful designer and screen-printer working in Portland. He recently started his own screen-printing studio called 3Bird Press.

Ryan says of his work,

“I’m a digital artist, I spend 50 hours a week at a corporate job creating corporate imagery.  The thing I love about screen printing, my true passion, is the handmade quality—when there is a “mistake”, I embrace it.  Like mis-registered skulls or the ink not quite covering all the the substrate.  I say, if you really want a perfect image, clean and crisp and the same as the one you saw online, buy a digital print.”

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