Wataru Yoshida: Composition of Animals

Composition of Animals by Wataru Yoshida

Japanese graphic designer and illustrator, Wataru Yoshida created these posters to “show a pure fascination for the mysterious and delicate qualities of the Mammal’s anatomy.”  They represent a mock exhibition called “The Composition of Mammals,” which features displays of taxidermy and animal skulls. Wataru says, “I tried to visually explain the contests of the show, by incorporating mu diagram-like illustrations of bone structures and photographs that I took and edited myself.

The series was created for Wataru’s graduation project at the Tama Art University in Tokyo.

I love the photography, illustration, and design of each poster.  Perfect.

View more of Wataru’s incredibly detailed work on his portfolio site, wataru-yoshida.com/wordpress.

[spotted by a Street Anatomy fan via Fubiz]

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