February 2011

Black and Red Love Pumps

Motorboat Red Love Pump

These are tough little 3″ Love Pump Dunny’s specially created by Motorbot.  Unfortunately there were only a limited number available for purchase and they’re currently sold out.  Would love to get these guys in the Street Anatomy store! [spotted by Carolyn via SpankyStokes]

Amy Guidry is In Our Veins

Amy Guidry

“Guidry walks a conscious line between the cerebral and a traditional, formal approach to making an image. While visually speaking the language of free association, a kind of description of dreams rather than a capturing of dream-like images, Guidry’s works tell a unique, contemporary story. What sets her apart from… Read More »Amy Guidry is In Our Veins

Teddy Bear bloodbag

UK design team Dunne and Raby (Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby) designed this “Teddy Bear bloodbag”. The idea behind it is to serve as a comfort for children in the hospital. Why do kids get the coolest things? I want a horse shaped bloodbag … not that I really want… Read More »Teddy Bear bloodbag

Cobra Skulls Poster

18” x 24” 3 colors on Natural Papter. Signed and Numbered Two Arms Inc. is an awesome silkscreening shop in Brooklyn, NY.   This poster is a new addition to their beautiful portfolio of work. Check them out at twoarmsinc.com!

Aleksandr Tivodar Sculpting Bone

Aleksandr Tivodar spine ring

Intricate bone sculptures and jewelry by Ukraine-based artist, Aleksandr Tivodar.  I especially love the spine on the ring above. View all of Aleksandr’s work on his portfolio site tivodar.com.

An Horse

I’m starting to listen to An Horse (thanks Elyse!) and came across their CD album artwork which happens to be pretty awesome. Check out their music and videos here!

Bionic Women by Fernando Vicente

These bionic women collages by Fernando Vicente are really interesting to look at.  It’s like the future of online dating—being able to actually create your perfect mate! Vicenti is a wonderful Madrid-based illustrator that also created Vanitas, a featured post from the past. Check out Fernando’s other illustrations in his Anatomy… Read More »Bionic Women by Fernando Vicente

Heart Diagram Coasters

Give a little piece of your heart for all the new loves or old loves in your life… $16 at Supermarket! material: heavy duty industrial wool felt. size: each coaster is 3.75″ square, 1/4″ thick. notes: durable and awesome. you can use this set daily. care: spot clean only when… Read More »Heart Diagram Coasters

Emil Alzamora

Emil Alzamora Abrazo

A taste of Emil Alzamora‘s stunning sculpture work. The human form is a constant within my work. I often exaggerate or distort it to reveal an emotional or physical situation, or to tell a story. Limitation and potential are as human as the flesh, yet hardly as tangible. In my… Read More »Emil Alzamora

Sweet Heart

This V day. Eat her heart out. Anatomical heart cupcakes made by the Black Cherry Bakery for the London Dungeon. [via CakeHead Loves Evil]

Love and Air

Above are well-designed anatomical typography posters by Mattias Sjöberg. These would make a nice little V-day present or addition to your own art collection!  See his description below… The inspiration for these posters came from the expression “to be beautiful on the inside.’ And if you think about it, we… Read More »Love and Air