Anatomy Tattoos Cover New Poster Boy For Mugler Menswear

Nicola Formichetti, the genius behind Lady Gaga’s style, just launched his new fall men’s collection for fashion house, Thierry Mugler—and we couldn’t be more excited. The collection, titled, Anatomy of Change, features Rick “Rico” Genest as its poster boy.  We featured Rico before on Street Anatomy for his unique full body tattoos, which include a skeleton, exposed brain, and many other little details.

The collection launched at Paris Menswear Fashion Week with Lady Gaga as the musical director.  In conjunction with the show, Lady Gaga premiered a remix of a track from her upcoming album, Born this Way, in a short fashion film featuring the vision of Mugler’s fashion and the human body.

This it ladies and gentlemen, anatomy has officially ingrained itself in fashion.  I believe this has become the epitome of anatomy and fashion. Blurring the lines between what we wear on our bodies and on our flesh.  Whatever your opinion of Lady Gaga is at the moment, you can’t deny that she’s bridging worlds and hopefully enlightening the younger generation with art, fashion, and music.

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  1. You know, I always thought tattoo-face-guy seemed a bit of a joker, but I admit that watching him peel and dance around has made me view him entirely differently (more positively)… mmhmmm.

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