For the Tech Nerd

I’ve found there are a few great pieces out there that will add that other touch of anatomy in our daily lives.

  1. Studio9, in partnership with Blik Graphics, has created a line of iPhone skins and cases, laptop skins, as well as wall art. These three in particular will show of your love for anatomy while you sit on the train and play Angry Birds. $15.
  2. HeartPro, one of the many creations by 3D4medical, may make as a nice study aid for on the go. 3D views of the heart can be explored and when you think you’re ready quizzes will test your aptitude. $9.99 for the iPhone, $17.99 for the iPad. The company has a number of free demos you can explore as well.
  3. Another Studio9 piece available for the iPhone, laptop, or your wall. $30 for the laptop skin, you can order for a range of laptop sizes. No one can ignore hot pink skulls, no matter how subtle the pattern might be.
  4. Medica, an iPad app by, is a visual reminder of medical history. They boast over 200 images from 30 books, ranging from the earliest depicted dissections to modern brain scans. While it may be hard to give a gift that is free, a gentle reminder to that special someone to check it out will be much appreciated.

Sorry Android users, but beautiful tech has yet to come to us. Trust me, I will be vocal when that day comes.

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