January 2011

Wayne Chisnell

Wayne Chisnell is a London based artist with work currently on exhibit at the Scream Gallery in London. According to Chisnell’s blog, the above piece, And When I’m a Man, “is basically a life-size version of myself as a 12… Read More »Wayne Chisnell

Jennybird Alcantara

The work of artist Jennybird Alcantara is nothing short of breathtaking. Dreamlike and morbidly romantic; I was initially intrigued by this piece I had seen and wanted for my own. Even with most pieces involving intertwined beings and hints of what’s inside us… Read More »Jennybird Alcantara

Grateful Skeleton

Grate ribcage street art Paris

Cold As Ice By CEM. I wonder if CEM did the other grate ribcages like the one below seen in Paris… [via WoosterCollective]

The Heads of State Posters

The Heads of State is a design house in Philly that has an amazing portfolio of illustration and graphic design work. Above are just a few examples of their music posters.  Check out their work on their portfolio site, theheadsofstate.com