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Never have I seen such a beautiful and seamless combination of figure drawing, internal anatomy and, well, silliness. It is as if Michael Reedy has grown tired of rendering the classic figure drawing and has drifted to rendering the thoughts and dreams of the subjects. His anatomical artwork is reminiscent of the fanciful anatomy of Albinus’ and Vesalius’ texts from back in the day and he does an excellent job balancing between the fine art and superflous illustration.

From Michael:

The human figure and portraiture have been central to my studies and explorations as a practicing artist for the past twelve years. In a desire to extend beyond historical modes of representation, I have found myself increasingly interested in depictions of the body that fall outside the canon of art history, namely in cartooning and medical illustration. Ultimately, I believe that by combining the visual language and style employed by various modes of representation, both inside and outside the accepted boundaries of fine art, I can locate and capitalize on unique areas of resistance essential to the production of new meaning.

[Spotted by David Cheney]

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