Predator – Anatomy’s Number 1 Fan!

Who, you may ask, is the biggest fan of all things anatomical? The Predator of course!


Predator inspects Dutch's skull. Perfection.

Predator (1987) is a story centered around one alien’s quest for the perfect hunt and ultimately to add to his collection of skulls. You see, the Predator is a true hunter, and a moral one; he only hunts those who can fight back.  (Imagine if deer were given guns to attack all those people who kill them for sport.) When Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and his team first encounter the Predator’s victims they discover bodies with their skeletons removed. Eventually Dutch realizes what it is the Predator is seeking, and he uses his skills officially referred to as “badass” to fight the Predator.


Sculpture of the Predator holding a trophy. He got first place!

Now, there have been several follow-ups to the original Predator film, and none are quite as amazing. In fact, I would argue that Predator is the best action movie ever. But that’s a whole other discussion. The one and only cool thing about Predator 2 (1990) is at the end the viewer gets to see the Predator’s ship and his collection of skulls, including that of the acid tongued Alien.

Predator skulls

So, no matter how big a fan of anatomy you may be, remember, the Predator has got you beat.


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