Davy Jones’ Locker Rashvests

Davy Jones' Locker skeleton rashvest by Mathmatic

Skeleton rashvest by Mathmatic surf

It’s freezing here in Chicago, but I can dream about all those people out there who are able to surf in warm weather 24/7.  And all of those surfers need a skeletal rashvest by Mathmatic Surf.

From Mathmatic,

The vibrant colours and sharp quality of our design make you look like you’ve come straight from the depths of Davy Jones’ Locker as part of the skeleton army set to get your share of the ocean’s treasure…in barrels. Our rashies use a state of the art technical process without the glue prints found on other brands. Glue prints not only feel bad but they wear poorly and look inferior. This range comes in four standout colours. Other advantages include a form fitting cut, flatlock seams and a board short tab to make sure your rashie stays where it should, no matter how big the waves.

These rashies are available in any size for $85!

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