Sandra Yagi

Lizard Brain by Sandra Yagi

Lizardbrain, Oil on Panel, 2010, 24 x 24

Reptilian Hunger by Sandra Yagi

Reptilian Hunger, Oil on Panel, 2010, 24 x 24

Dom and Sub on Leash by Sandra Yagi

Dom and Sub on Leash , Oil on Panel, 2009, 16 x 12

Dancing with the Stars 2 by Sandra Yagi

Dancing with the Stars 2, oil on Panel, 7.75x7.75, 2010

After looking through her paintings, it’s hard to believe that Sandra Yagi, a San Francisco based artist, spent 27 years at a major financial institution before leaving to become a full-time artist.  Her paintings are strange, yet playful, the subject of which reflects her deep rooted love of science, biology and drawing.

Sandra says of her work,

Contemporary culture, human folly and an obsessive curiosity for the macabre provide the fuel for my subject matter. My work is inspired by the natural sciences as well as by the classical drawing techniques of the old masters, including anatomical studies by artists such as Andreas Vesalius and Bernhard Siegfried Albinus. My recent paintings incorporate anatomical imagery to explore the human psychological condition, such as cutaway skulls portraying our basic human drives and the thin veneer of humanity overlaying our animal nature.

Hm, I’m not sure if Vesalius ever placed his skeletons in leather, but I’ll take it.

See more of Sandra’s work on her portfolio site