Swedish based artist Andreas Nilsson directed Yeasayer’s latest video starring Kristen Bell of Veronica Mars and Forgetting Sarah Marshall fame. It’s not clear what exactly her pet in the video is, but it looks like a giant lump of human parts rolled into a not so adorable ball. I guess you had to know the guy…?  Cyriaque Lamar over at io9 says it best, describing the pet as a “half-cute, 100% disturbing head-spore creature that looks like it deserves Kurt Russell’s flamethrower. This video tugs your heartstrings in the creepiest way possible.” The video is great because I for one am a fan of music videos that tell a story and from an anatomy perspective, this thing looks like a medical miracle. Or nightmare. It kind of reminds me of the Fiji Mermaid from the X-Files.

I recommend a look at Nilsson’s site. He has worked with some great musicians and directed other bizarrely beautiful videos.

Check out this White Lies video he directed as well with some creepy faceless folks.


[via io9]