September 2010

Always Changing

Created by a handsome guy who I have the pleasure of seeing most mornings at my favorite Starbucks,  Jonathan Sangster infuses energy and and a bit of that freestyle graffiti vibe into each of his pieces. And, of course, a bit of anatomy. Take a look through the rest of… Read More »Always Changing

Jonathan Adler Muse Collection

Jonathan Adler’s Muse collection is so clean and simple. His various pieces include boob jars, butt vases, and lips vases! Jonathan throws the models for the Muse vessels and then substitutes our signature geometric relief patterns with body parts – faces, breasts, lips – to create a surreal style. Each… Read More »Jonathan Adler Muse Collection

Patricia Waller

Patricia Waller is a German based artist whose work combines the morbid and adorable into some pretty amazing pieces. Waller uses mainly yarn, wool, and wires to create these plush toys. Frankly, these are the kinds of things I would have loved as a kid. I appreciate them even more… Read More »Patricia Waller

Dementia Awareness Campaign

Jaye Douce created and designed this Dementia awareness campaign for the Nation Health Service UK. He used string to make the analogy of how the mind can unravel over time, and incorporated helpful information for those who may feel they’re suffering from this condition.  Three different ads were designed all… Read More »Dementia Awareness Campaign

Volkswagen: Red blood cells

Sometimes, without knowing why, your heart beats faster. Advertising Agency: DDB Barcelona, Spain Creative Director: Jose Mª Roca de Vinyals Art Director: Xavi Sitjar Copywriter: Isahac Oliver Photographer: Fergus Stothart Published: January 2007 Ad for the Volkswagen Beetle by DDB Barecelona, Spain. [via adsoftheworld]

Brain Fabric Art

This is the world’s largest extant collection of anatomically correct fabric brain art. Inspired by research from neuroscience, dissection and neuroeconomics, our current exhibition features three quilts with functional images from PET and fMRI scanning and a knitted brain. The artists are Marjorie Taylor and Karen Norberg. Techniques used include… Read More »Brain Fabric Art

Anlene Osteoporosis Ads

Click to enlarge the images Osteoporosis causes 1.6 million hip fractures every year. Very effective visuals to represent the fragility of osteoporotic bone.  I read somewhere that these were actual glass piece that were shot as they hit the ground.  That’s unconfirmed, but fantastic if it’s true! Advertising Agency: BBDO… Read More »Anlene Osteoporosis Ads

Mario Anatomy

Jason Freeny Mario anatomy

[nggallery id=4] Jason Freeny, best known for his digital dissections of our favorite childhood toys and pop culture icons, has broken out of the digital realm with his recent dissections of real toy figures.  The one above features the inner workings of everyone’s beloved brick smashing, coin collecting, mushroom squashing,… Read More »Mario Anatomy

A Poem For You

Floortje Fluitsma papercut bodyparts poem

Then feel your skin what a thing it is how close it sits to your bones barely holding inside inside Design studio Floortje/Fluitsma created this piece for Greytones, a graphic design exhibition and part of the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, back in 2006.  The duo cut anatomical structures out… Read More »A Poem For You

Brush Those Teeth!

Good Magazine and Robert A. Di Ieso, Jr created this infographic on the importance of brushing your chompers.  It’s not just good for your teeth, but vital to your whole body’s health. This reminds me, I need to go floss!

Dimitri Tsykalov

Dimitri Tsykalov is a Russian artist whose latest work is skulls sculpted from fruits, including watermelon and apples. In 2009 Tsykalov participated in the Fondation Frances show and on display was an empty wooden hospital room accompanied by large hanging organs made of “made of humus, roots and fine veins… Read More »Dimitri Tsykalov

Scratch My Back

Here’s some beautiful design work by Mark Bessant for Peter Gabriel’s new album, Scratch My Back.  The CD box set is limited with only 500 copies world-wide, and can be purchased at Peter Gabriel’s site. You can see more details of the box set components here… Oh and this album… Read More »Scratch My Back