Pinky Diablo Spoons

Tom Sale aka Pinky Diablo is a Texas artist whose fascination with skulls translates into some beautiful, intricate, and at times funny pieces.

Pinky makes skull shaped spoons out of vintage silverplate that are available to purchase for $45 each. You can order a custom spoon, or take a chance on what is available. They come in teaspoon and tablespoon sizes.

In addition to human skulls Pinky makes spoons in the shape of animal skulls.

Pinky Diablo cow skull spoon

Pinky also has a blog where you can check out his other artwork including more skull work.

Pinky Diablo easter bunny

"Jesus and the Easter Bunny" - creepy and cute

Pinky Diablo deviled eggs

"Deviled Eggs" - clever and amazing.

[Note: I cannot for the life of me remember where I first saw the skull spoons posted.]