August 2010

Smart Car

This Innerspace inspired illustration was created by Elliott Quince for the Smart car “Out Smart” book project.  This is a project where top illustrators get to create their take on this amazing little car that I really want to have, the Smart car.  The final website launch will be up… Read More »Smart Car

The Chapman Brothers

Jake and Dinos Chapman are brothers who collaborate on art that frequently deals with questions of sexuality, violence, and what I would call historical re-imaginings. In 2008 they had an exhibition titled “If Hitler Had Been a Hippy How Happy Would We Be”, which not only put on display a… Read More »The Chapman Brothers

Cut me up please

In 2009, more than 12 million people wanted something enhanced, taken out, smoothed, or tucked.  Here’s an awesome Good and Hyperakt infographic that shows the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery to the human body. Yay for clay!

Custom Anatomical Dunny

Jason Freeny, whose work will be featured in the upcoming Street Anatomy show, made this custom anatomical Dunny. If you hurry, you can buy it on eBay!

STREET ANATOMY Group Gallery Show

Street Anatomy gallery show 20120 poster

It’s finally here, the first Street Anatomy group gallery show! STREET ANATOMY a group exhibition focusing on representations of human anatomy in contemporary art and pop culture September 3 – November 19 OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, September 3,  5:00 – 9:00 p.m. International Museum of Surgical Science 1524 North Lake Shore… Read More »STREET ANATOMY Group Gallery Show


Pianofuzz is a design firm located in Brazil with the intention of “realizing concepts and expanding possibilities, regardless of its surface, printed or virtual.” While most of their work is not anatomically based or inspired, they do have this awesome typographic set made up of various things including human parts.… Read More »Pianofuzz

Anders Krisar

Anders Krisar is a Swedish photographer and sculptor. Many of his sculptures depict portions of the human body separate from the whole, and also with various indentations and transformations. The above arm has to be my favorite of his pieces. It is simultaneously painful and beautiful. It also speaks more… Read More »Anders Krisar

Bodysong Album

Bodysong is a film that was created in 2003 that basically shows the process of human life (womb to tomb) without any dialogue. The entire soundtrack was done by Radiohead!

Eat Brains Love

EM over at Merit Badger made this delightful new poster for Julia Robert’s latest film, Eat Pray Love, re-imagined as Eat Brains Love. Personally, I would see this version. It looks like it won’t be shot entirely in soft lighting and the thought of Zombie Roberts nomming on James Franco’s… Read More »Eat Brains Love

Organ Donation Ads

This in-hospital poster campaign was designed for Organ Donation at the AUB Medical Center. I love the headline treatments! Agency: JWT Dubai // Art Director: Nizar Swailem // Copywriter: Ash Chagla // Digital Illustrator: Nabil Kamara [via Behance]

Saw in Heart-Pounding 3D

SAW 3D anatomical heart poster

I am not particularly a fan of the Saw franchise. Friends begged me to see the second one with them, and although I had never seen the first, I finally agreed. I laughed through most of the ridiculous movie. I also hate stories with killers who apparently have high morals… Read More »Saw in Heart-Pounding 3D