Remember high school Biology where you had to dissect a frog? Now you can dissect a frog as often as you want on your iPad. Assuming you have an iPad. And assuming you want to relive high school.

Above is an instructional video on how to use the application. (Sorry, but I can not get behind the whole “app” thing. It’s application.) I saw this reported on Vegansauras and they linked it from a vegetarian author on Gizmodo, and I guess considering so many kids option out of dissecting frogs, this is a helpful application. You can learn about the frog’s anatomy without actually killing one.

iPad frog dissection app

I was not a vegetarian when I had to do this in high school, nor was I particularly conscious of animal welfare, but I had a hard time doing the dissecting. This seems like a useful tool.

So, is Apple donating a ton of iPads to schools, or what?