July 2010

Screenprinted in Blood

You read that correctly. The Swedish metal band Watain hired designer Metastazis in collaboration with Zbigniew M. Bielak to design the above poster.  Metastazis, a firm “dedicated to the most scandalous yet refined forms of expression”, did so using human blood. According to the design firm’s founder, Valnoir, a total… Read More »Screenprinted in Blood

Anatomical Rock

I don’t believe we’ve ever featured an anatomically themed guitar here on Street Anatomy before.  A viewer recently submitted these photos of a guitar he decoupaged with historical anatomical images from the awesome repository of images that is Historical Anatomies.  ‘Decoupaged’ is such a great word. Historical Anatomies, put together… Read More »Anatomical Rock

X-Ray Lamp By Sture Pallarp

This lamp, created by Stockholm-based designer Sture Pallarp, was made from X-ray film as part of a school assignment.  It’s a pretty awesome idea!

Anatomy: Type

This campaign was used to promote Anatomy: Type, an event that was held at the Type Directors Club in New York City — an international organization for people devoted to excellence in typography, both in print and on screen. The works use synonyms to play on the names of letter… Read More »Anatomy: Type

Anatomy of a Thug

Anatomy of a thug

So this explains the oversized t-shirts and below the border saggy jeans! Every time I see a guy dressed like this (which is A LOT living in Chicago), I can’t help but smile as I stare at their little legs!  With each bow-legged step I cheer in my head, LITTLE… Read More »Anatomy of a Thug

All Animals Have the Same Parts

This PETA advertisement, which has caused some considerable debate on the sexism front, features Pamela Anderson sectioned off into delicious human meat cuts. I don’t know about you, but this just makes me want a Pam Sand…erson. I mean.. ham. Ham sanderson. sandwich. Don’t eat meat.

A Life Well Wasted Poster

Simple poster design by Olly Moss for the videogame podcast, A Life Well Wasted.  12 x 18 and only 200 made however sold out at the moment. I love it!

Slices by Dwight Song

This lasercut and etched model of the brain is made up of 32 laser etched sections that were layered together to give the illusion of a whole brain. Created by Dwight Song, this piece was inspired by MRI images and was originally made as part of his thesis project in… Read More »Slices by Dwight Song

Vampire Weekend Gigposter

Brian Danaher has been posted before for his creative usage of the human heart. Here’s another cool Gigposter he’s created for Vampire Weekend.  3 color screenprint, 18 x 24, and can be purchased here!

4 Humours

Irina Sidorova created this project as an interpretation of Hippocrates Theory of the 4 humours. She says that He [Hippocrates] stated that human behavior depends on the number and density of fluids in human body, initial liquids were blood, yellow bile, black bile and phlegm.  Furthermore, fluids were located in… Read More »4 Humours

The Antlers Poster

Animal Canon designed this 3 color screen print for The Antlers. 19″ x 25″ and only 90 were made. Buy it here for $20.

Images of Unrest by Jason Holley

Jason Holley is a very unique and talented illustrator, fine artist, and musician who’s work has been printed in numerous magazines like RollingStone, and Communication Arts. He often uses elements of anatomy and nature in his works, inspired by his environment in Sierra Madre, California. Themes of political unrest, global… Read More »Images of Unrest by Jason Holley

Black Market

I really enjoy this anatomical design and type treatment by Jorge Arteaga. I love the way the intestines are threaded throughout the pages to hold the content.  Great design but scary topic. [via Behance]

Go Font Ur Self!

Here’s a fun typographic poster for Go Font Ur Self showcase of typographic art in Australia. This reads “Ain’t the way it’s supposed to be”.  Check out more of the artist, Michele Angelo’s work right here! [via Behance]