May 2010

Mucha’s Anatomy

Kristen Holbrook

Kristen Holbrook created this out-of-this-world triptych for a digital painting assignment as an art student in Brooklyn.  She based it off of Mucha’s elegant female figures and combined it with anatomy from the Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery. Holbrook… Read More »Mucha’s Anatomy

Pac-man Skull Revisited

“The outdoor for your kids. The museum for their video games.” Advertising Agency: LatinWorks, Austin, USA Chief Creative Officer: Sergio Alcocer Creative Director: Diego Castillo Art Directors: Rob Casillas, Daslav Maslov Copy: Diego Castillo Photographer: Sergio Celume Production Manager: Steve… Read More »Pac-man Skull Revisited

CMYK Magazine 46

CMYK Vol. 46 Preview Chosen By: illustrator Melinda Beck Title: “The Tell Tale Heart” Entrant: Joseph Kelly School: Academy of Art University Instructor: Stephen Player “My interpretation of the Edgar Allan Poe classic.” Nice work from CMYK Magazine!

L’envers du Corps

There’s something so beautiful and intriguing about these paintings by Ivan Ebel.  They remind me of those clinical anatomy textbook diagrams, but so much more warm and human.  I can just envision the middle painting above covering a giant empty… Read More »L’envers du Corps

Skin Drawings

These ink drawings by Lynn Palewicz are really cool looking. Here’s what she has to say about the collection. This series of drawings describes a relationship between touch, tension, and surface.  Each piece uses the body to distort a variety… Read More »Skin Drawings

Kim Joon

Kim Joon brings to life his surface patterns and textures by using the human body as his canvas.  The patterns he creates using repetitive color, skin tones, and body parts creates a finished work reminiscent of a wall paper or… Read More »Kim Joon