OMG, they’ve done it! A full facial transplant, how rad. I mean, I still think it’s kinda weird that that you could be walking around looking like someone totally different (that must be a huge psychological¬†adjustment), but if this all works out, it’s a great step for those who have severe facial deformities/disfigurements. Check out this link for an animated video of the procedure. The video is pretty cool, I wonder if more details will unfold as the patient recovers, must stay tuned.

The man, who is in his thirties but has not been identified, suffered severe disfigurement and lost his nose, jaw, and other parts of his face when he accidentally shot himself in 2005.

Despite previous surgical attempts to restore his appearance, he had severe difficulties breathing, swallowing and speaking and was left with nothing but a hole between his mouth and where his nose should have been.

The young patient originally contacted surgeons after being inspired by the case of Isobel Dinoire, the French woman who received the first partial face transplant in 2005.

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