Grab your gonads testicle exam chart by i heart guts

From the creator of the Good Ol’ Menstrual Cycle, comes yet another cheeky anatomical chart by i Heart Guts, targeted at men!  Grab Your Gonads is a step-by-step diagram of how to check testicles for irregularities and its been created to, as i Heart Guts says, “encourage men to grope their balls during Testicular Cancer Awareness Week, coming up in April.”

i Heart Guts has asked us to show this first version of Grab Your Gonads to our intelligent anatomical audience to see if everything looks correct.  So please, if you see any information on the chart that’s not quite right or suggest any other pertinent info to put on, let us know by commenting!

Men, how many times do you touch your balls?  Go take the i Heart Guts testicle poll here!