Chocolate Parts by Stephen J Shanabrook

stephen shanabrook
stephen shanabrook

These are too beautiful to eat that’s for sure!  Stephen J Shanabrook is a very conceptual artist with a wide range of work that can be read more about here.  His collection above, called Morgue Chocolates, consists of different casts of body parts that all look so real it’s scary. Perfect for your special Valentine!

5 thoughts on “Chocolate Parts by Stephen J Shanabrook”

  1. James T. Schmidt

    Well, at least they will satisfy Hannibal. Seriously though, this is a great idea!

  2. Oh, that’s great!
    It’s remind me of the casts museum “Le musée des moulages”!

    and by the way, thanks for your comment of my greeting cards. In the past, i had a twitter account, but
    I am tired because there were not many people with interesting in this time^^

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