Waiting for the Metro

There’s something that I love about this photo.  It might be that full gold-toothed sneer of the skull contrasted against the cool guy.  Looks like trouble.  Love the colors as well.

[spotted by Peter via Fuck Yeah Beautiful People by zooswithoutzebras]



6 thoughts on “Waiting for the Metro”

  1. It’s true, although you might want to stray from use of the Hell’s Angels’ “death’s head” because that one falls under trademark infringement (Walt Disney learned this the hard way). Besides that, it’s relatively safe to sport a skull in 2009. The military use of the Totenkopf pretty much fell with the third Reich, so I doubt anybody would mistake you for a Nazi or a German militant of the panzer division this day and age.

    Feel free to indulge.

  2. @April – I think it’s pretty common these days to see people with skulls on their shirts, bags, jackets, socks, etc. There’s a fine line though of having an artistic skull like the one pictured here or having a menacing skull that you see in a lot of tattoos and street art. I prefer the artistic skulls, of course.

  3. Very striking skull on that tshirt. Do people feel safe when wearing something like this? I never got into skulls as a fashion statement.

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