November 2009


Luke Williams created this tongue series out of pure wonder and I think the outcome is pretty cool! How neat it would be to take this concept and tile huge walls, or better yet a pattern design for wallpaper!

Notoginseng: Blood Vessels Ads

“Keep your blood vessels young.” Remember, it’s what you have on the inside what really matters! Advertising Agency: Draftfcb Hong Kong Creative Directors: Raymond Chau, Sammy Law, Valeria Auyang, Art Director / Illustrator: Wong Sum Foon Copywriter: Calvin Chan Published: September 2009 [via AdsOfTheWorld]    

Eclectix Gallery

Animasola by Scott Hove Eclectix has two mind tingling shows up right now, Dementions and All Dolled Up that are closing this Sunday!  If you happen to be in El Cerrito, CA—just north of San Francisco—stop by to see the shows.  I wouldn’t mind seeing Rawboned Rufina up there in… Read More »Eclectix Gallery

A Dead Sailor’s Knit

Sibling has revamped their Breton sailor’s sweater with this tripshow of a skull, which was designed by Noah Scalin, of Skull-a-Day.

Explosive Heart

Concert Poster by Sharon Laurilla, which happens to be very similar to this recent post!    

River North Dance Company Ads

“Built by River North Dance Company.” Beautiful artwork showing the work behind (or should I say ‘inside’?) a dancer. Advertising Agency: Y&R Chicago, USA Chief Creative Officer: Ken Erke Creative Director: Sonya Grewal Copywriter: Michelle Nam Art Director: Gabo Curiel Photographer: Erika Dufour Illustrator: Alex Gross Art Buyer: Kourtney Hoffman… Read More »River North Dance Company Ads

Waiting for the Metro

There’s something that I love about this photo.  It might be that full gold-toothed sneer of the skull contrasted against the cool guy.  Looks like trouble.  Love the colors as well. [spotted by Peter via Fuck Yeah Beautiful People by zooswithoutzebras]    

Fragile Microbiology

Luke Jerram has designed these extremely beautiful representations of some of man’s deadliest enemies, ranging from H1N1 to HIV. I think smaller versions of these would look wonderful on my Christmas tree! It’s great to be exploring the edges of scientific understanding and visualization of a virus. Scientists aren’t able… Read More »Fragile Microbiology

International Vegetarian Union

Totally rad ad for veggies, love the tomato heart, the copy reads: “Veggies are all your body needs.” Enough to make you quit the meat? Debatable. [thanks to Aman for the link]    

Pop Art is Dead

Does anyone know who the artist is who made this?? [spotted by Peter via feljegyzések az egérlyukból]    

Diamonds in Your Mind

Paco Peregrin‘s photo collection Diamonds in Your Mind featured in issue 77 of NEO2 magazine. Orange, black, and blue… I keep looking for the grey matter.