An anatomical look into a high heel.  Looks like quite a bit of pressure all in one location.




3 thoughts on “High Heeled”

  1. Christopher Cashell

    I’ve always felt that high heels were unattractive and silly looking (sorry girls, here’s a guy who thinks they’re anything *but* sexy), along with looking incredibly uncomfortable.

    Looking at that image, it looks so unnatural and *wrong* for a foot to be forced into that position. It further increases my dislike of high heels.

  2. you guys are so stupid!
    there’s exercises so that the pressure goes away and your muscle there will be bigger and stronger so you can wear them all day!

    flats are gross so are sneakers!
    sneakers make a disgusting squeeky noise i don’t advise people to wear them especially girls its so old and tacky just like jeans, maybe i’m just feminine but i really hate flats, i’m never going to stop wearing high heels!
    i know all the exercises so my bones are very healthy and i drink and eat enough things to give my bones muscle and strength i need! 😀

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