September 2009

Ryan Riss

Wonderfully detailed ink drawing by artist Ryan Riss. [via myloveforyouisastampedeofhorses]    


Figure 2.1: “As important as the muscular system is the game system, a critical tool used by physical therapists as an aid in traditional rehabilitation.” “The good thing about Wii is that its serious side feels like fun and games.” “Wii has been used to assist physical therapists in helping… Read More »AnatoWii

Grycja Erde

I’m so curious to know the meaning behind these collages by artist Grycja Erde. Her work has some really cool surreal and authentic details…check her site here if you’re curious!    

Eagle Print Awards 2009: Heart

“Nobody said it was easy. Proudly sponsored by Independent Newspapers.” Advertising agency ‘King James’ created this very suggestive and impressive advert for the Eagle Print Awards ’09. They use good old sayings involving a heart, haystack and a cactus. See more from this campaign here. Advertising Agency: King James, Cape Town, South Africa… Read More »Eagle Print Awards 2009: Heart

Nice Cans

Cheers to really awesome packaging! Russian designer, Ramm ND has really cool concepts throughout his packaging designs.  I love details in the fish-net stockings-so clever! [via packagingoftheworld]    

Maxine Sutton

Lavender Heart! Brain Shade! These lovely morsels were made my textile and embroidery designer Maxine Sutton. She explains her work best: My work continues to explore the interplay between screen-printed and embroidered textures, colour, mark, drawn and stitched lines. Recently playing with imagery and ideas springing from our relationship with… Read More »Maxine Sutton

Autopsy of a Hand

If only our insides really looked this way! This is a very colorful and fantasy-like interpretation of a hand autopsy by Vacon Sartirani. You can purchase it here at The last print is an “Ancient Encyclopaedia” inspired design with Sartirani’s expressive anatomy. A work inspired by Jacobs & Bourgery’s… Read More »Autopsy of a Hand