September 2009

Musical Anatomy

  Here’s a lovely collection of  music combined with anatomy drawings by artist Shawn Feeney.  It’s really interesting to see how Feeney restructured each face based on the size and tone of each instrument. I’d love to see these in… Read More »Musical Anatomy

Mike Mitchell

These fabulous pieces were made by illustrator Mike Mitchell. By the looks of it they seem to be all digital, which is mighty impressive! I love the color and pop they have, especially the hummingbird, and the subtlety of the… Read More »Mike Mitchell

Body Maintenance

Clever advertising series for Toyota car service/maintenance by Harshad Badbe.  We’ve seen this a lot before, but I still think it’s a very cool spine execution! Would love to see a brain too… [via Behance]    

Roy Awards 2009: Eyes

“The art of making people give away their eyes for 30 seconds.” I like it, simple and cool! Advertising Agency: Le Bureau, Sweden Creatives: Jonas Wittenmark & Tobias Carlson Photographer: Erik Undéhn Retouch: Johan Rosenberg [via AdsOfTheWorld]

I <3 SF

Spotted this on the way to dinner. I love this city! Anyone know who did it? Give a holler.    

Black Jewls

Designer Julie Parker’s ‘Black Jewls’ collection consists of various hand-made anatomically correct human organs.  She places an emphasis on the importance of the organ and follows it with a truthful reality of it’s purpose. For instance, Heart… the hollow muscular… Read More »Black Jewls

Teeth Mug

Hand carved teeth mug that is sure to develop coffee stains…Better clean this thing extra well! [via Likecool]


No idea what this says, but it looks very silly! Urikane has some really nice designs here worthy of checking!    

Kristian Hammerstad

There rad works were done by illustrator Kristian Hammerstad. I always thought this style was fun, reminds me of old punk posters and the like. Great colors and textures!    

Mulo Poster

I loveeee this guy’s work.  So much energy and color to look at…check out Mulo’s other designs here!    


Very sweet little ‘HeartBreaker’ series by French artist Celine Artigau.   I love the idea of riding on a heart… [via Behance]