August 2009

Men of Parts

Jen Montgomery has quite an imagination! After coming across a beat-up Gray’s Anatomy book in a book store, she decided to create characters from parts and pieces of the medical illustrations, calling the final collection, Men of Parts. I love… Read More »Men of Parts

Rest your Brain

Carly Keith used inspiration from a cat-scan to create a hand-carved stamp, which she then made into a pillow.  This would be awesome as wall paper too!

Beauty is on the Inside

A clever idea, this pendant features an image of a corset overlaying a human x-ray. Who says beauty is only skin deep? If you ask me, the most beautiful anatomy definitely lies below one’s reticular region.    

Bone Evolution

Here’s a very unique bone-inspired bench by artist Dimi Loginoff.  It’s quite interesting how Loginoff evolved and simplified the bone-shaped lounge from an original bone form.  Love the colors too… Check out some other beautiful work here! [via Behance]  … Read More »Bone Evolution

Sona el Poal

Some crazy mix of anatomy and type going on here!  I love the subtle touches of pink in there too. This was done by a really cool design house in Spain called Medusateam.  Their works tends to be very colorful… Read More »Sona el Poal

Your Friendly Neighborhood Organ Grinder!

I’d like to introduce you to your friendly neighborhood organ grinder. Enter this shop and you will find a great assortment of sewn and felted body parts, from eyes to uteri, this clever anatomical fanatic has it all.    

For the Love of Music…

You know you’ve done it. Shared your favorite tunes with someone special and hope they enjoy just as much… Only 10 bux on Etsy by artist SparklePower!    

Anatomy sketches

Beautifully rendered anatomical sketches by DeviantART user dollinjune14.  Love the detail and linework, especially in that hand. [spotted by Rizwan]    


Carsonified is a small company in England that runs events and workshops within the web world. Their goals are to promote creativity as well as see ideas come to life to final execution. I like their web design—very simple and… Read More »Carsonified

Nike Rare Done

Oh hell yea!  These are the coolest Nike Air Force 1 designs ever!  BlackYard created these for ArtClash 09,, which is a live art battle where artists from around Europe compete against eachother, painting and drawing on various objects. Judges… Read More »Nike Rare Done