Forgive me for not knowing what the heck Spooky or a Spooky doll is, but this, as Jhonen Vasquez proudly states, is one of a kind. Proclaiming to be the only one around with a glow in the dark version of this doll, the story goes like this:

Seeing Spooky’s evil twin over at Clutter Magazine’s website raised my myriad of eyebrows for a sec, and then reminded me of a lil’ oddity of my own, hidden away for many years, actually. A glow in the dark Spooky doll!  Did you know that there were glow in the dark Spookys?  You didn’t?  Well that’s because you’re not ME, and I’m the only one that has one, that I know of. Way back when the Spookys were first being built in labs, I received this guy in a box of prototypes, the result of a little experimentation on the part of the manufacturers I guess. This one’s gone quite stuff with age, and as you can see, has gone all flakey, but it’s still n interesting thing, and I actually wish there were a few more of these things sitting around.

Now, don’t you wish you had one?

[via mindspill]