The Chrissy Skin Rug

Chrissy skin rug by Chrissy Conant

Above image via Flickr by Bromirski

Chrissy Conant Rug

Okay I know this is a very controversial piece of art, but it is also extremely well-done and unique.  This is a very personal work by artist Chrissy Conant, which represents her relationship with her parents.  She expresses that she’s still has suppressed feelings from childhood and parental influences which play a role in this work.

Here’s a little more thought behind the rug from Conant:

To exorcise a part of my psyche that feels powerless and objectified, I laid fully shaven, covered with Vaseline, and immobilized for hours, in a spread eagle position, while being covered with bucketfuls of gelatinous mold-making material. With the impressions, I made a life-sized, flesh-colored silicone rubber cast of myself as a human skin rug. The upturned head has long, perfectly coiffed, wavy hair, that echoes the ripples in the flayed skin’s edge. The glossy-lipped mouth is open in a sexually suggestive way, and the glass eyes, complete with fantasy-length lashes, stare up submissively from the rustic wood floor section, upon which the rug is magnetically attached.

I think this is a very powerful piece, as it communicates many different ideas about sexism and gender, and also makes a statement about this fascination with dead animals as trophies. Definitely what I call a conversation piece!

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6 thoughts on “The Chrissy Skin Rug”

  1. Yes, i like this piece very much. Have you considered marketing it? If so, what is the asking price? Very well done, and i’d be honored to have it in my house. Keep up the great thoughts

  2. The piece is disturbing… But the mouth and the eyes and mouth do not give me the impression of passivity. She looks more pornstarish.

    You should have molded the face differently given her a softer look… But don’t get me wrong its a great piece that addresses many problems with our society.

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