When You’ve Been Filthy…

Good lord, this makes filthy look like fun. kinda. sticky maybe. Anyway, the photos are rad, they were taken by fashion and advertising photographer Marc Philbert, for more of his stellar work, check out his website! His beauty section is, well, beautiful! Stunning photographs all of em.

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14 thoughts on “When You’ve Been Filthy…”

  1. Steven W. Miller

    Vanessa, Thank you for the introduction to Marc Philbert. Had a great time with you and your mom, stay in touch. Steven

  2. all my gay men come with sprinkles, a bare necessity shall we say. and you are quite correct. my analysis is this: women want to buy things that make them look beautiful (so they can get men, or something) hence the hot ladies on all the women’s products, cuz lord knows if you buy this shampoo, you will be sexy hot like a model, or at least feel like it. Men on the other hand buy things like Axe because they think it will get them women, and probably don’t care if they look good, as long as they get women. Hence the sexy lady you could be rolling in caramel with if you buy said product… maybe i should buy some Axe…

  3. Yes, well of course women are hot, I agree. But I’d be attracted to a sexy ad with a wet nude male offering to shampoo me with the product. Has it been tried? Has it been turned down by advertisers?

    In my experience I’ve been called “easy” on such trivial points that it’s ridiculous – worrying about seeming easy because I look at a sexy man in an ad is not one of my concerns.

    Basically it’s envy, I guess – not very many photographers detail mens’ bodies so lovingly as men that photograph women. That’s beginning to change, thanks to gay men. That’s where I look for what I want, in gay photography. Is that sad that I can’t find any heterosexual appreciation of the male body with sprinkles all over his ass?

  4. @Mishele You do have a point, although I think for society in general (especially males, which is the target demographic here iirc) sexualized women are much more acceptable desireale. After all they want to sell something!
    However, adverts for women most of the time have some flowery/beauty something theme, but I can’t remember one where they sexualize some men to sell shampoo/shower gel to sell it to women. But don’t you think if that would work, advertisers would long since have done it/do it more often? Maybe most women wouldn’t buy it then cause it makes them seem easy or it would just not get accepted by advertisers?

  5. What a treat it would be to see some of these photographs using men – like the second shot. I’m always disappointed to see just women sexualized. Men are sexy too, and we want to see them!

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