August 2009


Love, love, love this simple anatomical design by Indonesia-based designer Dini Umar.  The colors in the heart are just great and the random flies in the piece make this a strangely curious design. [via Behance]    

Some Moments

There’s a very pretty quality to this work by Grycja Erde. I loveee the little venus-fly brain traps.    


unlearn is a global movement. An approach to life. A way to live. It enables human connection and understanding that improves the quality of life for yourself and those around you. Up for Interpretation: Unlearn: A process of removing barriers that blind us to our authentic selves, questioning our classical… Read More »Unlearn.

Emek’s Anatomy Posters

These are just some of designer Emek’s Gigposter collection.  He uses anatomy is so many of his posters! The Marilyn Manson poster is pretty cool, but I have no idea what the copy reads under each organ… [via Gigposters]

Natural Strength

Artist Ofer Dahan‘s collection called, Made of Wood has some really nice retouching going on. I really love how that back has grown onto the tree.  Nicely done! [via Behance]

Dog on Fire Poster

Hooray for Gigposters. Designer Dog on Fire created this simple design for the band Johnny Apple Eyes.

What’s Your Bodytype?

The human body says a lot…. ‘Body as a Letter Form’ by Amandine Alessandra plays on the idea that most typographic vocabulary is reflective of human anatomy (footers, head piece, etc), as is the case with the structure of a book (spine, joints, back, foot). Clever work Miss Alessandra.

Delicious Design League Poster

Gig poster design by Chicago based designers, Delicious Design League.  Love the geometric aspects of this juxtiposed with the medical illustration. They have a fanstastic, fresh range of designs and illustrations on their site so please check em’ out! [via Gigposters]    

Tee Bone

Here is a cute little logo by AM as found on Brandstack, and guess what! its up for grabs! If this is the logo you’ve always wanted, head on over to AM’s profile to snag it and see other variations on this design. The domain name, however, is another story.… Read More »Tee Bone

Skinless Body Art

Really awesome body painting by xutomu on DeviantArt. Wonder how long that took? [via Freshbump and The Good Werd]    

Damarack the Destroyer

Damara Kaminecki has alot in common with our authors, a chicago loc’ herself, Damara seems to spend her time obsessing over anatomy. You can check out her other work at her website, including prints, collages, illustrations and books, and to purchase, head here. Hey Master V, maybe you should call… Read More »Damarack the Destroyer

Aesthetic Apparatus Posters

Anatomic-themed poster designs by Minneapolis-based design company, Aesthetic Appartus.  It’s awesome to see so much anatomical design throughout their posters. I especially like the 3rd strong man poster with the 2 alien skeletons smiling inside him… These are all for sale and they have a ton more on their site!… Read More »Aesthetic Apparatus Posters

The Chrissy Skin Rug

Above image via Flickr by Bromirski Okay I know this is a very controversial piece of art, but it is also extremely well-done and unique.  This is a very personal work by artist Chrissy Conant, which represents her relationship with her parents.  She expresses that she’s still has suppressed feelings… Read More »The Chrissy Skin Rug

PaperBoy Interiors

London company PaperBoy Interiors Ltd is launching their new wallpaper designs with this being one of them, calling it Animal Magic.  It’s specifically designed for boys but I think girls would find it fun too…at least the cool ones that is! [via ifitshipitshere]