Exclusive First Look: Organ Donors Chinese Edition

David Foox, designer of the popular Organ Donor dolls has given Street Anatomy an exclusive first look at the Chinese edition of the Organ Donors! Foox created these designer vinyl toys in order to bring awareness to the issue of organ donation. We here at Street Anatomy are lucky enough to own several Organ Donors and are quite excited for this new release.

Organ Donors Chinese Edition by David Foox

ORGAN DONORS Chinese Edition – in celebration of Chinese Independence Day.

Above is a pre-production snapshot of the new ONE HEART. The final production vinyl (RARE) will have slightly darker reds and the dragon will be metallic gold. This rare version is called ONEHEART and replaces LIONHEART from the US Edition of ORGAN DONORS. There is another super rare vinyl code-named “1949-2009 Forever” (the real name is not being released yet). Sorry no pictures just yet either.

The exhibition will take place in Beijing during the end of September and beginning October 2009. David Foox has worked closely with a crack team out of China with the design stages for both “ONEHEART” and “1949-2009 Forever.” It seems obvious that these pieces were influenced by the creation of the Peoples Republic of China in 1949. So here we are launching them on the 60th Anniversary of the event. The location that was chosen is called 798Space which is located in the Dashanzi district of Beijing

798Space rocks for a number of reasons but mostly because:

  • Dashanzi is located in the heart of the art district in Beijing
  • The gallery is an old factory warehouse designed in typical Bauhaus style during the very first “5 Year Plan” and still contains the original Maoist slogans painted on the roof and in throughout the building (see photos here). The history here is undeniable and perfect for ONEHEART and the launch of ORGAN DONORS Chinese Edition
  • Mr. Mao’s granddaughter has a book shop which is based inside the 798Space premises; considering the design of the organ donors, the influence of birth of the People Republic of China and the location and history of the build, if you were to ask me whether I believe in in fate..not only do we believe in fate, but we look to the future with anticipation. China 2009 here we come!

The Chinese Red Cross is very keen to work with David Foox during the launch in China. Also, the “Jet Lee Foundation” works very closely with the Chinese Red Cross and are looking into ways that they may be able to promote the launch of ORGAN DONORS. Their main interest is to raise the awareness of organ transplant and donation. Currently China undertakes around 10,000 organ transplants per year (about the same as the USA), but considering the differences in population sizes China is way behind. This may be due to lack of knowledge on the importance of organ donation or social stigma attached to donation, but we hope that by working together we can make a genuine difference and change any preconceived notions! Although not connected to either the “Red Cross” or “Jet Lee Foundation” we are also working with the “Jackie Chan Foundation” to raise the same awareness in Hong Kong.  To clarify, the “Chinese Red Cross” and “Jet Lee Foundation” will be concentrating on Beijing and mainland China while the Jackie Chan Foundation will hit up Hong Kong!

The PCNE TV channel will interview David Foox on the “Weekend” magazine, which is aimed at young professionals. The program runs weekly and covers all things fashion, art and news – and now ORGAN DONORS!

The original Organ Donors

Organ Donors by David Foox

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