Exit Eden Skateboard

Skateboard art seems to be the big thing at the moment with many prominent artists and designers doing their own skateboard series.  These beautiful decks were designed by the incredibly talented James Jean for the 15th anniversary of Giant Robot Magazine.  They will be available at this years Comic Con San Diego Jul 23-26.  If you happen to be attending this major event, stop by the Giant Robot booth for the chance to buy one of only 150 of these Exit Eden skateboard decks!  James’ work is always so beautiful, light and fluid.  The insight behind his work is equally as lovely:

Skating has always seemed to me a courageous activity, and what is courage but an absence of shame. Adam and Eve were expelled from Eden, pitiful in their nakedness, shameful in their new knowledge. However, the rise of science made man and nature transparent, naked again under a microscope and scalpel. We adorn ourselves with knowledge, hiding our private selves under a crimson web, until a bad fall shreds it to the bone.

I wonder what pop culture canvas artists will choose next after the skateboard craze dies down…

[spotted by Jenny and Carrie via LikeCool]



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