Cardiovascular Paper by Laurent Champoussin

Laurent Champoussin Ecorches
Laurent Champoussin beat goes on
Laurent Champoussin beat goes on
Laurent Champoussin beat goes on

Gorgeous work by Paris-based photographer Laurent Champoussin. I asked Laurent to explain his work and here’s what he said:

“I’ve always been interested by the écorché model. I was inspired by the classical representations of Andréas Vesalius, Charles Estienne or Adrian Van Den Spieghel.  My idea was to play with the partial, the uncovered (open/discover) of an essential part of ourselves. I also wanted to work on the propagation, the invasion. My will was to design the model, to file down it like a texture and I hope, somewhere like a poetry.”

His portfolio site is so simple and clean, I love it, definitely worth traveling through.

3 thoughts on “Cardiovascular Paper by Laurent Champoussin”

  1. As an anatomy professor, I have to applaud this, AMAZING! The modified images on his neck are clever, and the use of the red and blue tape is just brilliant in its simplicity, yet attention to detail.

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