April 2009

Don’t Judge People…

Peter Chmela – “Don’t judge people according to their appearance.” This is a brilliant photographic project filmed by Peter Chmela. If you look carefully, you can see that each photo spells out a word of the title phrase.

Eagles of Death Metal – Heart On

I don’t know about you, but this gives me a massive ‘heart on’. Eagles of Death Metal’s neat idea for the album cover of their 2008 release. If you head to their website, the heart actually pumps.    

The New Addition

I’m excited to introduce yet another fabulous addition to the Street Anatomy team, Vanessa (mini-van) Vegter.  She’s been leaving some of the most titillating and anatomically risqué commentary on Street Anatomy for the past month that’s had everyone on the… Read More »The New Addition

Derek Albeck’s People Skulls

Derek Albeck Skulls

LA based artist Derek Albeck made these pretty sweet skull pieces. He’s got a couple of other cool anatomical works at derekalbeck.com. I recommend a gander.   [via sharesomecandy]    

Florence & the Machine

Check out an awesome band—Florence & the Machine.  Love their music and their design on myspace. They also have a new EP on iTunes if you’re interested!    

Boob Scarf

Wow. What makes this even better are the people who are wearing it. As duly noted on the flickr site from whence it came, this would make a good breast cancer awareness item. The tattoos definitely add, but what about the nipple rings? Grab them on… Read More »Boob Scarf

Being 20

Neslihan Kaplan created this poster called “Being 20.”  Love the concept in this execution.    

Suspicious Toes

From left to right we have, Guilt, Suspicion, Innocence, Distrust, and Overly-heavy-mascara (aka draaaama queen).  I see potential for a cartoon series… By Flickr user soheresanomelette.

Tate’s Skull

Cool design by Nicole Andujar. Take a peek at some additional skull art at the Tate Comics Skull Exhibition.    

James Jirat Patradoon

Here’s some slick art from an amazing graphic artist- James Jirat Patradoon.  There’s so much energy and expression in his lines. Check out his website—it is totally worth your while!    

Lap Pillow etc…

“This pillow is skin-coloured polyurethene calves folded under soft thighs, a comfy cushion for napping, reading, or watching television.”  You know, in case a normal pillow wont do. And if you are especially lonesome, here’s one for all the ladies and gay… Read More »Lap Pillow etc…

Skeletal Back Tattoo

Been seeing more and more of these skeletal back tattoos lately.  This tattoo would be great with a pair of red kidneys hiding just under the 11th pair of ribs there. [submitted by Brian]