Billy Reynolds Jaw

Jaw Oil on Linen. 30″ x 24

Billy Reynolds My Muscle Layer

My Muscle Layer, With Cosmetic Improvements Oil on Canvas. 30″ x 24″ Muscle Layer, Youthful Hairline, Thinner Neck, and Actor’s Eyebrow.

Billy Reynolds Inside Out

Inside Out 24″ x 20″. Oil on Canvas

Billy Reynolds My Intestines

Me and My Intestines 30″ x 24″. Oil on Canvas

Billy Reynolds‘s anatomically inspired subjects “captivate, by reverberating between the familiar and the odd, between the beautiful and the perverse.  I present a stark reality, however sexy or unsettling. I look at the beautiful exterior of the body.  And I look deep within the body, reminding you how delicately put together your body is, by taking the body apart and showing you.”

Most of the anatomical works are of Reynolds.  With each self portrait, he seeks to peel back layers to expose himself.

He creates every piece of work twice, once as a physical 3D model, carefully constructing every detail, and second as an oil painting, meticulously worked up with layers upon layers of oil paint. He uses just one model for each series of paintings, constantly manipulating it for each piece.  You can see that stiffness and vacant stare of a physical model reflected in his paintings, which just adds to that overall surrealism.

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