Light Up Your Lungs

Well, that’s one way to get the message across, crafty! This can only be an ad campaign against smoking and lung cancer I presume.

7 thoughts on “Light Up Your Lungs”

  1. I would seriously have second thoughts about lighting a cigarette if my lighter looked like smokers lungs.

  2. This is a rather interesting concept. This is something that shoiuld be accepted- not condemed. hell every streat corner in america should have one of these available.

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  4. Ask any surgeon who has operated on really diseased lungs and he’ll tell you that this devices was modeled on a relatively healthy pair of lungs.

  5. Hello there. This ligher was created by Six Inches Communication from Mumbai, Índia, for Courage India, non-profit organization that supports patients against cancer. It is sold across Mumbai shops.

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