Bodylicious X and Y

This creation by Japanese designer Hiroshi Tsunoda was inspired by Nyotaimori, a tradition where food is presented on a naked woman’s body and used as a tray.  Nyotaimori is also referred to as body sushi, and requires the person to practice laying for hours without moving.  These 3-set ceramic his and hers plates are very clean and simple, but take on a completely different feel when occupied with food.  For some real excitement, try mixing up the male and female sets at your next dinner party!

[via Likecool]


5 thoughts on “Bodylicious X and Y”

  1. genevra garrett

    At first glimpse I thought “meh whatever” but when I scrolled down, the picture of the food on the woman plate totally made me blush! I had heard of Nyotaimori before but I guess I never felt the implications till I saw it here in plate form. That’s pretty darned scandalous and sexy, I must say.

    I’m impressed. It’s difficult to shock these days, especially without being patently obscene. A !!!

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