HA, for those of you who know and like listening to Tegan and Sara, I hope you find this shirt as funny as I do. Better act fast:

After we toured through Australia in January we were approached by an artist with an idea for a tegan and sara shirt. now this isn’t anything new really, but when we saw the design it was so completely different from anything we have done before, but so amazing that we thought it could be something that a lot of our fans would really like! The artist is named Glenno Smith (www.glennoart.com) and he mostly designs for metal and hardcore bands. he loves Tegan and Sara, but thought the shirts we had for sale were too “jazzer” (what does this mean, aussie slang or something?!) so he took a crack at designing his own. we love it so much that we are doing a one time special edition run of these shirts by pre-order only. We will be accepting orders up until Friday, April 3rd after which time we will print and ship the orders on Monday, May 4th.
If you are interested in ordering one, or many, of these shirts, please go to our online store at maple music and place your order by Friday, April 3rd because this will be your only chance to get your hands on this design!

Men’s sizes: click here

Girl’s sizes: click here