Chow Martin

Sean Chow Martin Anatomica

Sean Chow Martin Specimen B

Sean Chow Martin Panda

Chow Martin certainly has his inking skills down. This work is incredible! Most of his work has this same muscle-like style of inking, which seems like a very tedious process, but the outcome is totally worth the labor. He obviously has some insane skills when it comes to anatomy drawing—I simply love the way he’s drawn the hands on the Panda image. His work reminds me of the figures drawn by David Choe and the inking of Matthew Woodson, also stellar artists and a fabulous combination. Be sure to check out Chow Martins site, it has some real gems on there.

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3 thoughts on “Chow Martin”

  1. His animal work looks just like Nick Digenova’s if you ask me… but in a “he ripped Nick off” sort of way…

  2. Wow :0
    Simply amazing!
    I’ve just got home from not a very “lucky” anatomy lecture and this artist has lifted my spirit :>
    Thanks a lot for sharing ;D

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