This Valentine’s Day…

After surgery, Dr. Valentin Vikunjevski will give you a Polaroid and a romantic video of the surgical tattoo procedure to give to your special someone, because it’s not exactly the type of tattoo you can easily show off. This is just a fake advertising campaign for the band Vikunja. The “True Love Tattoo” website and video are nicely designed and done, but they are just how the band decided to promote their first work.

“A true love tattoo is a relatively safe procedure thanks to years of uncompromising research. The operation takes less than 3 hours from choice of tattoo until you have a Polaroid proof in hand. However, we strongly suggest that you bring someone to escort you home after surgery.”

“The team is highly professional and fully educated. So far, we have performed over 350 successful operations without any major complications.”

“We provide a wide range of styles from old school to japanese. You choose the art, we put it on your heart.”

You can also find a detailed F.A.Q. about the procedure in the TLT website.  They really focused a lot and tried their best making this campaign. Did you note that you have to cut through the chest to see inside the ad? It’s very creative! Definitely, it deserves a 10 out of 10!

[via bioephemera]