Petit Coeur / Little Heart

Now this is a drinking glass! Artist Etienne Meneau created this beautifully abstracted heart-shaped drinking glass called Petit Coeur (Little Heart).  I love the overall shape and how the wine flows through like blood. Check out his other cool glass sculptures here!

height : 7.9 in.
content : 20 cl
material : borosilicat glass
price : 1200 euros + shipping
limited edition ( 8 numbered and signed + 4 artist proofs )

[via likecool]



4 thoughts on “Petit Coeur / Little Heart”

  1. Beautiful though after I saw the others I wondered,
    “Does it come with a really long and flexible bottle brush because that would be a b*tch to clean otherwise!”

  2. Very cool! I’d like to see another one where the tubes were the coronary arteries and the spout was the Ascending Aorta.

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