Spine Lamps

Here are three different lamp styles, all inspired by the anatomy of the human spine. There is no limit for creativity!

Vertebrae Lamp‘ by Gerhard Swart and Anthony Harris

“Finally, lighting with a spine. This fascinating fragmented tower of stacked ceramic ribs was created by South African artisans Gerhard Swart and Anthony Harris, who’ve made an international name for themselves by pushing the boundaries of ceramic expression with both humor and a passion for sculpture and function. Individually cast and assembled ceramic vertebrae. Measures 46″ with shade.”

[via vivre.com]

Spine Lamp‘ by Mark Beam

“Spine lamp with marble base, 60 watt bulb, flexible goose neck lamp.”

[via MarkBeam.com]


Backlight‘ by Tony Wurman

“Backlight is a series of lighting designs based on the human anatomy. Cast from real bones which are then metalized in gold and assembled by hand.”

[via WunderWurks.com]



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