Pandor Absinthe

The Pandor Absinthe will make you discover the wild and soft sensations emanating from this once, forgotten plant. Its alcohol level and its flavor will allow you to taste it at a fresh temperature but also in cocktails as well as mixed with soft drinks or on the rocks mixed with ice cubes. It is only then that you will discover its original taste and purity. The Black Pandor absinthe will take you to unknown and unforgettable galaxies. Its 69 degrees will be savored in shot drinks, bohemian style by making the absinth burn, or the traditional way with a sugar and a spoon.

Sounds delish if i do say so myself. You can buy this seemingly tasty drink off the Pandor website, or cheaper still, ask your local upscale nightclub/bar if they serve any. But having the skull bottle would be pretty cool.