There seems to be quite a trend right now of putting anatomical art on skateboards and snowboards and I love it.  But I have never seen any boards quite as beautiful as these made by Robyn Roth.  Her portfolio site, Nomadical, is full of gorgeous paintings that often contain an anatomical heart as the focus point.  I was intrigued by Robyn’s use of the heart so I asked her what influences her to place anatomy into her art. Here’s what she had to say,

I wanted to create art that portrayed the lost relationship that humanity has with the wilderness.  I had spent years having an interest in indigenous tribes from all over the world and read many books and watched documentaries on their lives.  I believe that indigenous people are the last remaining humans who still have that unique bond with nature.  They respect that life and death are intertwined and do not look at the idea of dying as a completely negative thing.  Sure death is sad, but it is necessary for the process of life.  It’s the same view that I believe non-human species share as well.  Every plant and animal are the same and coexist knowing that life and death are a part of being on earth.

So, my portrait of humanity is the anatomical heart.  I had to find a way to express the human element, but without using a specific individual, race, or nationality.  I wanted the human element to be universal and what better to do this then by using the heart.  The heart being known for a symbol for love and compassion was also a big help.

I wanted the heart to be exposed to the dark and creepy-crawly things of life, because that is what living is.  It’s not all beautiful and peaceful. We humans now live in a very protective world and don’t take to kindly to such things.  I don’t want people to forget that we are animals and we are bound to earth.  Life and death will always happen and humans will never have any control over it.  It’s time to respect and coexist.

View more of her incredible work on her website.