Rib Cage Protection by Alexander McQueen


Alexander McQueen created these imaginative bags to protect your most prized possessions.

Made from 100% ABS, the rib cage shell of the hero piece is designed to protect your belongings much like the human rib cage protects one’s vital organs. The pull handle resembles a human bone and the zipper pulls bear the imprint of Alexander McQueen’s own fingerprint.

Rockers such as Marilyn Manson (of course) and Keith Richards have purchased items from McQueen’s collections. Such an imagination and eye for detail!

The human form is treated just like an animal skin, with the ribcage and sternum at the front of the case and backbone at the back. The inside is formed by the negative of the outside shape in a soft molded form, providing contrast with the outer protective hard shell.

Pricey but really really cool.  The collection is called Hero AI1 Upright and is available in bone, black, or chocolate brown.

[Found via Samsonite Black Label]



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